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The directory is now online

Members can look up one another's contact information from anywhere, any time, and keep their own contact information up to date. A mobile version of the directory can be used from any smart phone! Folks who prefer paper can print a PDF version of the directory anytime.

Church staff will grant access only to whom they approve, keeping your congregation's personal data private and secure.

Member addresses can be plotted on a map version of the directory, which helps new members discover who lives near them and get plugged in. When viewing a partiular family, Lumen can also show other families who live within a five-mile radius.

Track donations with ease

Open deposit batches and record donations to multiple funds. Chart giving over time by fund, or export general ledger entries. Quickly link donations to families and print end-of-year tax receipts (or allow members to print their own).

Reconcile Lumen to your main accounting program (e.g. Quickbooks™) every week or month and let Lumen act as a sub-ledger to avoid double-entry. For example, Quickbooks™ and Lumen would both know that $3,500 was donated to the Deacon's Fund during the month of March, but Lumen also knows how that number is split up and linked to individual member families. That way your main accounting system has the data it needs, but you don't have re-enter all your members into Quickbooks™ as well.

Feeds are better than mailing lists

By organizing prayer requests/event updates/stuff for sale/etc into separate feeds, you allow members to receive different streams of information in different ways. For example, want urgent prayer requests in real-time, thanksgiving & less urgent prayer requests rolled into a single email at the end of each day, and never get stuff for sale? No problem!

The goal is to encourage fellowship the rest of the week without flooding everyone's inbox - relevant information delivered in whatever way works best for each member.

Each feed also gets a secret email address that allows church staff to post messages directly from GMail, Outlook, or any other email client!

Notes and pastoral visits

Church staff and pastors can enter notes on members, and either keep them private or share them with whoever needs to see them. So one note on a family might be visible only to Pastors, another visible to all church Staff, and still another only visible to the person who left it.

Track last pastoral visit dates on each family that make it easy to tell who needs a visit next. Optionally assign families to different pastors, who each get a list of the families they're responsible for and who's turn it is for a visit.

The goal is to allow your church to be more disciplined and organized about making sure that all members get the pastoral attention they need.

Working in groups

Every church body has small groups of people working on particular projects - pastoring, organizing, etc. Lumen reflects this reality by making it easy to group people together and give them a shared email address that sends to everyone in the group.

Any emails sent through the group address are automatically posted to a group-specific feed, which keeps a clean record of conversations (and makes catching up after vacation much easier!).

Groups can also share to-do lists, events and files, which means less digging through your inbox and more time doing ministry.

To protect sensitive conversations, groups are lockable from the inside - which means even other church staff can't access them.

Shared calenders

Easy-to-use church calendar that can be embedded in your website. Also, each group gets its own calendar automatically.

Can't figure it out?

Customer support via email is available at no extra charge. And we also have some short videos to help everyone get started.

No long-term contracts

Monthly billing - cancel any time and get your data back easily.

Your data's important

So we back it up to a remote location daily. Having the church computer crash is no fun, but at least your data's safe.